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10% of rental income

20% of rental income


We tell you what preparations you can take to rent your house carelessly using a checklist.


We make an attractive advertisement with professional photos and a catchy text and ensure that you can be found online.


We optimize your sales thanks to accurate pricing.
For example prices are adjusted to the season, demand and events in the area.



Your home is valuable.
That's why we screen the guests carefully and refuse requests that we don't feel good about.


Personal check out

We receive the keys back, check the property and wave the guests goodbye. Then we will make your home spotlessly clean again


We manage your agenda and handle the inquiries. As soon as there is a booking you will be notified by
e-mail and text message. 

Your own account

We create an account for you with a personal calendar, so that you have an overview of all bookings. You will also find information about your guests and you can adjust the availability

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Personal check in

We give the guests a warm welcome, show them around and answer all their questions.


We collect the payment of the guests. Your earnings will be transferred to you no later than five business days after check-in.

What you only have to do


Easily prepare using your checklist


Go on holiday

Enjoy your vacation carefree.


Share your experience with friends and family and receive a € 75 bonus for every new customer.