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How to become a super host


It's time! You have decided to rent out your house, but now what? On the basis of this handy checklist and tips, we help you on your way to getting your house completely ready for rental and to achieve Superhost status.


Make sure everything in the house is working properly.  Do all the lights still work? Are all glasses and cups still intact? Things that now have 'their own manual' have become normal for you as a resident, but can be disturbing for the guest. For example, that door that jams if you don't lift it a little or that one light switch that doesn't always work. Fix that before the first guests arrive. Make sure your house is tidy and don't leave unnecessary things lying around. If you opt for our full management package, you can choose to have the pre-cleaning done by BnB Assistant.

Personal stuff

Keep your personal items in a place that the guest cannot reach. In the storage room or in a room that is locked. 
Also store items of emotional value, such as the drawing of your (grand)child or the crockery that belonged to your grandmother. 

How does BnB Assistant work to prevent nuisance?

  • Only guests who are recommended by multiple hosts and who have verified their identity with Airbnb can book directly. All other guests must apply first.

  • We always ask guests to tell us something about themselves and the reason for their visit.

  • If we don't have a good feeling with a guest, we refuse the request.

  • Guests must meet a predefined guest profile. For example, we do not rent to groups of young people, but to families or couples.

  • If guests have a recently created account, we are extra alert and subtly ask if they have used Airbnb before and know how it works. If so, we ask why they have a new account. They often have something to hide (bad reviews from other landlords). If we do not trust it 100%, we will refuse the request.

  • We ask the guests if they are aware that they will end up in a quiet neighborhood and emphasize that parties are not allowed.

  • We ask the guests if they have read the house rules. In order to be able to book, guests must agree to the house rules carefully drawn up by BnB Assistant.

  • We set strict house rules that guests must agree to in order to book:
    - Possession or use of drugs not allowed
    - The specified number of guests when booking may not be exceeded without permission from BnB Assistant
    - Parties not allowed
    - No loud music after 10pm
    - Respect the neighbors

  • We give the homeowner our neighbor cards with which the neighbors can be informed that there is going to be a rental. It contains contact details in case any form of nuisance should unexpectedly arise.

  • If a complaint does come in, we will contact the guests immediately or we will visit them.

House rules
Although the house rules are mentioned in the advertisements and the guest must agree to them before he can book, it is wise to print these and put them on the table. It is possible that only the main booker has read the house rules online and the rest of the guests have not. Express this in a friendly manner in a welcome letter to draw the guests' attention to this.

For electronic devices such as the TV, washing machine, dryer, oven or microwave it can be useful to make a manual. Pass this on to BnB Assistant so that we can process it in the personal online guide of your home. If guests have any questions, we can easily refer them to this guide.

You are now almost ready to receive your first guests. To avoid surprises, we always recommend informing your neighbors. Let them know that someone will come and look after the house when you are not there. Just to be sure, leave our contact details so that he or she can contact us if necessary. You can use BnB Assistant's neighbor cards for this. Welcome your guests with a little something. Think of a bottle of wine, a cold beer or a pack of stroopwafels or something similar.
You can't miss that 5-star review now!

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