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Earn€250 with every referral!*

Your loyalty is appreciated. We are very happy with you as a customer of BnB Assistant. That is why we prefer to spend our marketing budget on our own customers rather than on social media channels.
As a BnB Assistant customer, you know better than anyone how we work and what new customers can expect from us. Do you know someone who would be interested in holiday rentals and could use our help? Share your experiences with him/her and both receive a bonus if this person becomes a customer. 

HowIt works

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Tell about youexperiences with BnB Assistant
New customersigns up


You receiveboth An bonus!

Tell anyone you think might be interested in vacation rentals about us.

Or share this link:
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You have enthused someone and this person decides to sign up.

If 'your' new customer mentions your name in the introductory meeting and decides to become a customer, you both receive a bonus! Win win!

*Height of thebonus


existing customer

new customer

New customer is going to rent out full-time and opts for Airbnb service


Free pre-cleaning worth 125 euros +
50% discount on first booking

New customer starts renting out during holidays and opts for Airbnb service


Free pre-cleaning worth 125 euros

New client starts hosting full-time and chooses Ads Management 


50% Discount on first booking

Share this link with potential customers and earn up to $250:

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