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Rent out your house for a fixed price per month

Do you want certainty, know where you stand, no hassle and a stable passive income? We rent your house for several years and rent your house in the luxury segment to business travelers and families. Your house remains in top condition and is fully cleaned at least once a week. We pay you the rent on time every month and take additional costs such as gas, water, electricity, internet minor maintenance, park costs, etc. for our own account.

We rent your house for 2-5 years.
Years of stress-free passive income.
No agency fees to find new tenants again and again.
No vacancy, so you don't miss a single month of rental income.
We use your home to rent out in the luxury segment.
We keep your house in top condition to be able to rent out properly.
No more nagging tenants, we arrange and pay minor maintenance ourselves.
Gas, water, electricity, internet, park costs, etc. are for our account.

Less wear and tear, because people live less in your home.

Planning to sell your house? No problem. Clauses possible.

Stress-free rental to professionals for a fixed amount per month.


What we do for you

Wat we doen

draw up a contract

We sign a contract together with terms and conditions that we both agree on. Any options, clauses, wishes or requirements are included in here.



We invest in furniture, decoration, amenities, minor repairs and professional photography to make your home completely ready to rent out in the luxury segment.



Your home is a valuable asset, so we treat it with care. We screen our guests and refuse requests that we don't feel good about. We take full responsibility for any damage, so don't just let anyone into your house. We focus on families and business travelers.

"Very happy with BnB Assistant as a tenant. It saves me a lot of time and work, because I rented out through Airbnb myself."
- Landlord apartment in Curacao -


personal Check-in

We like to receive guests personally. We show them around, explain the rules and make sure they have everything they need.


24/7 contact person

During your stay we are the point of contact for your guests and neighbours. If there is something wrong, we will solve it immediately.


check out

We are personally present at the check out. We check the house, ask for feedback and make your house spotless again.

"Renting for a fixed amount per month gives me peace of mind and security and I like the idea that my house is well taken care of."
- Landlord villa in Vinkeveen -

Even more benefits for you

Nog meer service 2023

your home is well maintained

To successfully rent out in the luxury segment, everything must look tip-top and function properly. We arrange and pay for minor maintenance ourselves. We also maintain your garden.


no surprises afterwards

When you rent out your home for a year to someone who will live there, the question is always in what condition your home will be left at the end of the rental period.

Because we rent out your home for short periods, your home is used less intensively and is not worn out. Cleaning is done every week and minor maintenance is carried out immediately.

Your house is in top condition during the entire rental period.

sunbathing (1).png

lifelong stress-free passive income

Holiday rental in the luxury segment is top sport. It takes a lot of time, discipline, knowledge and attention to do it successfully. On the other hand, it is more lucrative than long-term rental.

Thanks to our years of experience and professional approach, we can achieve this.

We can therefore pay you the rent every month without any problems and will never miss a payment.

After the basic contract of 2-3 years, you can continue to extend the rent annually.

"My previous tenant paid 1750 per month and when he left after a year I had to repaint the walls, replace a number of plates and glasses, I could throw away the cushions from the sofa, the sofa had become a sun lounger and the garden was like a jungle. Now BnB Assistant rents for 2000 per month and everything still looks great after 2.5 years."
- Landlord villa in Vinkeveen -

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