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Carefree holiday rental

Our Airbnb service is a service for individuals who want to rent out their house and can use help with that.

Do you want to rent out your own house during your holiday? Or do you have a second home, but you don't have the time to manage it? Then this is your solution. we take all tasks out of your hands.

We create and manage your listing on Airbnb

Inquiries from guests answered straight away

Professional cleaning after every check out  

Strict screening

We are the point of contact for your guests 24/7

Check in / check out

We can list your home on dozens of channels

Linen service (optional)

We arrange everything from A to Z

Professional service for you and you  guests


What we do for you

Wat we doen

ad management

Your home will have an attractive advertisement with a catchy text on Airbnb. We manage your calendar, the prices and respond immediately to requests. If you do not yet have good photos of your home, we can take professional photos for you.


price optimization

The prices of your home are accurately determined.
For example, prices are adjusted to the season, demand and events in the area.
We can charge different prices per advertising channel. For example, the commission you pay on a booking via is much higher than a booking via your own web page.



Your home is a valuable asset, so we make clear agreements about the requirements your guests must meet. We screen the guests carefully and refuse requests that we do not feel comfortable with.

"Extremely satisfied with the help from BnB Assistant. I travel a lot and when I come back my house is wonderfully clean and the reviews from the guests are always positive."
- Landlord apartment in Amsterdam -

smart lock

personal Check-in

We always welcome your guests personally. We show them around, explain the rules and make sure they lack nothing.


24/7 contact person

During your stay we are the point of contact for your guests and neighbours. If there is something wrong, we will solve it immediately.

check out

check out

We are personally present at the check out. We check the house, ask for feedback and make your house spotless again.

"I really doubted whether I wanted to rent out my house during my vacation, but have not regretted it for a moment. I now even rent out when I'm away for a weekend. Communication is great and it's great that guests are properly screened that fit my stated guest profile."
- Landlord villa in Vinkeveen -

Even more service in 2023

Nog meer service 2023

Notifications and reminders via SMS

In addition to notifications and reminders by e-mail, you can now also receive them via SMS. This service is for both you and your guests. Wherever you are, with or without internet always informed when a booking comes in.

Do you want us to send the guest the code for your key safe by SMS shortly before check-in? Everything is possible.


Digital checklists

We work with very detailed digital checklists so that our staff does not forget anything important during cleaning, check-in or check-out.  

We activate triggers based on the answers that are entered. For example, we are easily informed when the stock of coffee capsules is running low or when something needs to be repaired or replaced.

If desired, you will receive a report in PDF of every cleaning. This way you know exactly what was done, by whom and when.

financieel overzicht

Financial Overview

Detailed details and specifications regarding your bookings and payments can be found in your financial overview.
This way you always know exactly how the amounts on your monthly invoice are calculated.

Do you want us to prepare a bottle of wine for the guests and do we also have to refill the stock? No problem. The receipts can be found in your overview and will be settled with your next payment.

online check in formulier

online check in form &

We collect all the mandatory data from your guests that you need using our online check-in form. From contact details and estimated time of arrival to ID verification.

After your guest has completed the form, we offer additional services and products. Think of a late check out, an early check in, champagne on arrival or renting a boat. That means extra service for your guests and extra income for you!

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